Do Your Residents Complain Of Smoke Odors?
Asthma Triggers?
Musty Smells? Allergens? Cooking Odor? Pet Smells?


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An Inexpensive Cure For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Complaints

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HEPA Air Scrubbers, High Speed Compressors, Truck Mounted Turbo-Tech Flex Duct Cleaning

Stopping IAQ complaints of “musty”, “smoke”, “allergic” or “M&M” odors is a simple process of understanding wet cooling cycles. We have the required knowledge and skills to know where in the HVAC system to look and to clean. Cleaning and sanitizing the air ducts, the cooling coil, the blower, the insulation or the drain assembly will very often remove the most persistent musty smells or smoke odors as well as allergens and asthma triggers.



Air conditioning systems in apartments, condominium and efficiency units (multi-family applications) are most often smaller split systems with lower tonnage ratings. Likewise, the ducts are of smaller diameter, and are typically constructed from Flex Duct with fibrous duct board plenums and junction boxes. Registers, returns and register boxes are also smaller. Powerful negative air machines could implode these systems and disconnect flex duct connections. Further, aggressive brushing can damage the mylar material itself and abrade duct board. For this reason, a specifically designed truck-mount powered tool with internal vacuum port and spinning whisk brushes is used on all round, mylar Flex Duct.

The Best Duct Cleaning…

Consumer’s Choice is a Florida Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor. We understand that our air handlers here in South Florida have special IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) issues found nowhere else in the country. Because of our prevailing warm and humid weather, South Florida HVAC systems are in a continual moist cooling cycle. This means the majority of the heat these systems remove from the air is actually in the form of condensed water vapor (called “latent heat” removal). This condensing moisture traps and adheres cigarette smoke, curry odors, allergens, volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) and pet odors onto the interior surfaces of the system. These are creating the persistent odor issues, and left unabated these odor particles can also accumulate to become the food source for microbial growth.

Resident lifestyle and HVAC user error can contribute greatly to moisture and odor problems. Allowing prolonged HVAC dormancy to conserve electricity is a common cause. We are quick to identify evidence of this in your apartments and to offer informational resources as to educate and help prevent these occurrences.

We provide our professional, comprehensive HVAC and duct cleaning service at a low flat wholesale rate for apartment property managers. We also subscribe to OPS, Compliance Depot and Registry Monitoring services. So call today and let us assist you in your mission to save money and make residents happy!

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Your Apartment Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning Includes:

  • High Speed “Whisk” Brushes Spin at 1500 RPM
  • Truck mount Draws in Dirt/Lint At Spinning Brush Head
  • All Vents Snaked Four Times through to Air Handler
  • All Registers Cleaned and/or Painted 
  • Register Boxes Cleaned and Vacuumed
  • Exposed Coils Inspected, Vacuumed & Deodorized
  • Entire System Fogged With Deodorizers
  • Entire System Fogged With Anti-Microbial
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