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Welcome Apartment Management Professionals!

Consumer’s Choice provides all of our quality cleaning services to Apartment Management Professionals at the most competitive, wholesale prices in South Florida.  We value your high volume and regular business, and in return will always provide you with highly reliable quality services.  Our technicians are the friendliest, most well spoken gentlemen whom you can ALWAYS trust to communicate important make-ready and move-in information.  This is because everyone at Consumer’s Choice is 100% Dedicated to making your move-ins run smooth and your residents happy.

We provide our professional, comprehensive HVAC and duct cleaning service, tile cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and carpet restoration services at a low, flat, wholesale rate for apartment property managers. We also subscribe to OPS, Compliance Depot and Registry Monitoring services.  So call today and let us assist you in your mission to save money and make residents happy!

Call Now to get your special, competitive volume pricing for each of our services, or to schedule any one of the high-quality, property-tailored services we offer.  Call (954) 942-5760 in Broward, (561) 738-7877 in Palm Beach.


Air Duct Cleaning

AC Duct CleaningAn apartment’s air ducts have a direct impact on indoor air quality. Make your resident’s air clean and sanitary with air duct cleaning. Or just get those persistent smoke, pet and cooking smells out of the system. Complaints of allergens, pet dander, smoke odors, cooking odors, curry, cigarette smoke, mildew, surface mold can all be addressed with or powerful air duct cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Upholstery CleaningApartment dryer vents are one of those forgotten vents that either runs to the roof or outside the side of an outer wall. What you may not realize is the potential hazard it may create if you do not clean it annually. Residents who complain of long dryer cycles will save electricity and time with this service. Ask about our whole-property pricing to save money and to eliminate fire hazards in your apartments.

Carpet Restoration

Steam Clean CarpetReal propane-generated steam makes all the difference! Our powerful truck-mounted machines use real steam at high pressure to quickly break down grease and dirt.  We use enzyme deodorizers to eradicate pet odor. We can even remove kool-aid and juice stains. We are also able to dye and repair bleach damage and carpet fading 100% guaranteed.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout CleaningOur aggressive grout and tile cleaning procedure uses a special technique that scores the dark dirt layer completely off  your grout, revealing the fresh new grout underneath. The tile is then pressure washed with powerful truck-mounted equipment at 650 psi.  Call us for tile and grout cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and all cities in Broward and Palm Beach counties.


Moisture/Heat Gain Inspections

Moisture-Heat-Gain-Inspections-1Moisture and heat gains are what cause mold. Our apartment inspection service is pro-active and can stop contaminations BEFORE mold occurs. As NADCA certified and State Licensed Air Conditioning and Ventilation Contractors, we understand the issues residents can create. We know how to identify them, document them and will successfully redirect the resident.

Moisture and Microbial Control

Moisture-And-Anti-Microbial-Air-Treatments-2When moisture and heat gains are present, we can prescribe from an array of services: Dehumidifiers rapidly remove water vapor from the air, also drawing moisture out of walls, cabinets and carpets. State of Florida prescribed anti-microbials kill and prevent all forms of mildew an mold. 500CFM HEPA Air Scrubbers effectively remove aerosol spores and wet, “musty” smells.

Level One Mold Eradication

level-one We address clean up and treatment of Level One microbial surface contaminations when found upon inspection. We apply antimicrobial treatments by direct spray and by marcomist particulate fogging. Direct sprays ensure full saturation of textiles and materials. Macromist fogs are suspended in the air and “loft” like thick smoke into the same places aerosol spores can reach ensuring total coverage.

Flood Restoration and Water Extraction

flood-restorationOur Emergency Apartment Flood Extraction Service is guaranteed for arrival in less than one hour. We also man our emergency line live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We extract all water from flooring textiles and surfaces, and ensure dry safety of apartment contents upon arrival. We guarantee pre-flood dryness within 72 hours. We carry all blowers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.


Benefits For Our Managers:

  1. Real Savings on Volume
  2. Expert Carpet Restoration, Bleach and Burn Repairs, Kool aid Removal
  3. Licensed HVAC Cleaning and Anti-Microbial Applications
  4. Highest Dependability
  5. Free Carpet, Tile and A/C Duct Assessments
  6. The Best Documentation
  7. 100% Guarantee On All Services