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Our carpet cleaning and steam cleaning techniques in Broward County and Palm Beach County, FL are the best in the industry. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians employ state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and have a thorough understanding of carpet cleaning chemistry to leave your carpets cleaner, removing almost any type of carpet stains. Our understanding of the chemistry of carpet cleaning and steam cleaning allows us to not only remove carpet stains that other carpet cleaning companies cannot, but we can now do so at a more inexpensive price.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are also very conscientious and thorough and do more to get your carpet cleaner than any competing carpet cleaning service. True steam cleaners are very hard to find. Propane steam cleaning assures the power of steam cleaning without water residue and with shorter drying times. Carpet cleaning chemistry is important to the steam cleaning process, because combined they complete the most comprehensive carpet cleaning service possible. 

Carpet Cleaning South FloridaCarpet cleaning requires understanding carpet stains. Applying carpet cleaning chemistry allows us to remove Kool-Aid stains, juice stains and all types of stains in carpet. Steam cleaning carpet uses heat to emulsify carpet stains from grease and oil. Other processes apply direct heat to the stained carpet with alkalines to break free carpet stains from food coloring. Carpet cleaning acids remove stains from carpet caused by rust almost instantly. 

It is important to keep your carpets clean and to use a steam cleaning process that is residue free and that is compatible with your carpet fiber. Our carpet cleaning process is the one that is recommended by carpet manufacturers. 

Carpet pretreatment and spot removal are completed prior to the steam cleaning process. Carpet cleaning chemicals used to remove carpet stains are therefore completely removed during the carpet steam cleaning process. This leaves your carpet cleaner, fresher, and softer and without residue. 

We are proud to offer our carpet steam cleaning service in Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and other cities in Broward County. We also have carpet cleaning service vehicles stationed in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boca Raton and other cities in Palm Beach County.

Your Service Includes:
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Complete Truck Mounted Cleaning Power
  • Propane Generated True Steam
  • Razor Jet Steam Application to “cut” Grime
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Moisture Recovery
  • Traffic Lane Pre-Treatment Of Soiled Areas
  • Solvent Spot Treatments
  • Premium Detergent
  • Premium Deodorizer
  • Carpet Softener

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