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Do your carpets have sun-fade? Lightened traffic lanes? Bleach stains? Then you need carpet dyeing! Don’t replace your carpet because of bleach marks, sun-fade or color loss! Make that carpet look GREAT! Save the huge cost of carpet replacement! Our carpet dye is professionally applied evenly at the correct PH and temperature to always assure consistent and bright color restoration. Control of solution acidity and dwell time provide precise control of final color, finished depth and appearance. Our dyes blend with and deepen the existing dye color to restore your color damaged carpets appearance to its original, vibrant uniformity.

Your Carpet Restoration Service Includes:

  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Propane Generated True Steam
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Moisture Recovery
  • Carpet Softener
  • Initial Carpet Dye Spot Applications to Troubled Areas
  • Final Carpet Dye Layer Applications (X 2)
  • Hi-Heat Dye Set
  • Second Steam Clean – Deodorization & Rinse
  • Truck Mounted Equipment for highest Vacuum Power
  • All Consumers Choice Work is 100% Guaranteed!

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