Carpet Repair Services, Ft Lauderdale, South Florida

Commercial Carpet Repair Services South FloridaBurn Marks? Carpet Stains? Carpet Repairs? Pet Frey? Carpet stain removal can be achieved with our carpet repair and restoration service. Furniture stains can be removed and pet frey damage can be repaired. We use a special method that heats and blends the pile to cover and hide the repair seam completely! Look at the pictures below to see stain removal completed with a “carpet patch” and a “carpet plug”. With properly blended seams, the carpet repairs are invisible. We cut out the bad part and transplant the new piece. Below are large and small examples. 

Indelible stains…Cut out of carpet…Patch/plug blended.

Your Commercial Carpet Repair Service Includes:

  • Expert Choice of Best Carpet Repair Procedure
  • High Grade Hot Seaming Tape For Strongest Bond
  • Unique Hot Seam Pile Blending 
  • Section Replacements and Section Re-Lays
  • Carpet Seam Repairs
  • Up to 1 Square Foot Carpet Patch – $75


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