Commercial AC Air Duct Cleaning South Florida

Affordable and Professional HVAC System Cleaning To Safe Guard The Air You Breathe

State of Florida A/C Certification #CAC1817157

Commercial AC Air Duct Cleaning South FloridaMake your commercial property, apartment complex, office or business more sanitary and free of allergens with our commercial air duct cleaning service.

Your air conditioning ducts have a direct impact on your indoor air quality. Smoke odors, cooking odors, curry, cigar / cigarette smoke, all disappear with our powerful Truck Mounted air duct cleaning and anti-smoke treatments.

Even older “musty” smelling ducts benefit greatly just from our powerful sanitization included with your air duct cleaning. It also kills dust mites! Our process removes the airborne contaminants trapped in your duct system by reversing the energy that lodged them there.

Our “Negative Air” machines create continuous vacuum pressure that dislodges trapped particles, while “Sidewinder” sweeping air whips push a high pressure cone of air towards the HEPA filtration unit, air-washing the entire duct run.

Your Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service Includes:

  • High Speed “Whisk” Brushes Spin at 1500 RPM
  • Truck mount Draws in Dirt/Lint At Spinning Brush Head
  • All Vents Snaked Four Times through to Air Handler
  • All Registers Cleaned and/or Painted 
  • Register Boxes Cleaned and Vacuumed
  • Exposed Coils Inspected, Vacuumed & Deodorized
  • Entire System Fogged With Deodorizers
  • Entire System Fogged With Anti-Microbial
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We are proud to offer our air duct cleaning service to hotels, retail stores, restaurants, offices and other businesses in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Weston, and other cities in Broward County.

We also have air duct cleaning trucks stationed in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and other cities in Palm Beach County.

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Notice: It is illegal for a contractor to open and clean your air handler or to access and clean your air ducts or work on any component of your HVAC system if they are not a licensed and certified air conditioning contractor.

This is because your air handler has many components which effect your home’s indoor humidity, temperature, air cleanliness and the quality of the air you breathe. Also, your air ducts each have specific cleaning and sanitization protocols depending upon their material and construction.

Only a certified and licensed air conditioning contractor has the skill set and knowledge required to perform this comprehensive service and is required by law to maintain this skill set through ongoing education and continued training. Also, only a certified and licensed air conditioning contractor is eligible for the insurance required to protect you, the consumer, regarding general liability, errors and omissions for this service.

To protect you, it is Florida Law that all air conditioning contractors must display this license number in all of their advertising and on their vehicles so that you can verify this credential. Play it safe. Play it legal. Always look for the displayed CAC or license number with any air conditioning contractor you may consider.

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