Commercial Cleaning Services South Florida

Truck Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

The real propane-generated steam cleaner makes all the difference! Our powerful truck mounted machines use Little Giant Instantaneous propane water heaters. These Truck Mounted carpet cleaners are driven by a Vanguard 18 Horsepower OHV Engine. Cat Pumps create 800PSI continuous pressure that cuts away dirt. A Roots 3.6 Displacement Blower produces incredible vacuum lift pulling dirt free from the base of your carpets. In the hands of our trained and certified technicians, this great equipment makes for the ultimate carpet cleaner and steam cleaning solution! Above: A truck mount, steam cleaning a white carpet, a whiter carpet……..and a finished pattern.

Commercial Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

Our technicians are trained in cleaning nearly all delicate fabrics and upholstery ranging from cotton blends to micro-fiber to delicate wools and synthetic knits. We are trained to carefully examine your furniture and to know your furniture cleaning chemistry and apply the right temperature and pH parameters for your sofa or area rug to achieve the best and safest results!

Commercial Carpet Repair

Burn Marks? Carpet Stains? Carpet Repairs? Pet Frey? Carpet stain removal can be achieved with our carpet repair and restoration service. Furniture stains can be removed and pet frey damage can be repaired. We use a special method that heats and blends the pile to cover and hide the repair seam completely! Look at the pictures below to see stain removal completed with a “carpet patch” and a “carpet plug”. With properly blended seams, the carpet repairs are invisible. We cut out the bad part and transplant the new piece. Below are large and small examples.

Flood Restoration

Flood response needs to include immediate flood extraction to prevent secondary water damage to structure and furnishings… and to stop microbial growth. You need someone you can depend on with both of these top concerns. Our flood restoration protocol centers on these concerns and more.Services include provision of IICRC documented Hygrometer (Moisture) readings of all effected materials to demonstrate complete drying. Includes careful monitoring of dry air circuits as maintained by blowers and dehumidifiers.


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